Have you noticed your reaction or the faction of those around you when you hear someone say “it takes 15 minutes a day”? Today a statement like that tends to make people roll their eyes, laugh, or feel anxious. Most people honestly feel there is not enough time in a day to add anything else in their life.

Today most people wear many hats. No one has the luxury of having just one role in life. We

Timearesomeone’s child, someone’s parent, someones partner, someones employer, someones employee, coach, team member, friend, and the list keeps growing. As the list grows it seems to be each role requires time and tasks. As a result, many people function by creating long to-do lists, lists they often feel guilty about not having time to complete.

What if the answer to changing how we create time for all that we love and have in our lives is not found in a to do list? There are ways to chunk your time so you can have a much greater level of efficiency in your life.

One technique that many of my clients find useful is chunking. For those of you who are teachers you know the concept, this just applies it differently. Chunking is literally grouping together tasks and information into smaller parts so you can effectively accomplish your desired outcome. When you are able to do accomplish more, it makes a tremendous difference in how you feel each day about you.

In education we learn most people can focus on only a few things at one thing at a time. In order to learn or do things with more ease, if we break information and tasks into groups of threes. If we do more than that, we can feel overwhelmed, and possibly even choose to do nothing because it just all seems to be too much.

If you are not reaching your goals, do not beat yourself up, it is not because you are not good enough or are lacking skills. It usually is because of the process you are using to get it done. If you can take a step back and chunk into groups everything you need to do you are changing your perception and you are more likely to get it all done.

STEP 1- Get it Out Of Your Mind

We are all used to creating to-do lists. This actually can still be done as a first step instead of the only step. Write down everything on your mind that you need to get done or would like to accomplish. To help limit your list to some extent start with just the next week. Write everything down, not just what you have to do, include the things you would like to do in the next seven days.

Step 2- Create Categories

Now that you have everything out of your mind and onto paper, begin reading your list to find items that have things in common. Some sample categories may be work, family, money, and fun. Use those headings to break your list into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Step 3- Priorities

Once you have your information in chunks under specific categories you begin to be able to see what is most important to you to accomplish. What you actually have created in your lists are small chunks of desired outcomes. With all of the demands we have pulling us in so many directions each day, it is easy to lose track of what our desired outcomes and priorities are in our lives. When we take the few extra minutes to break it all down in this format we can make conscious decisions and take actions that meet our real demand, specific desired outcomes. In the end, changing your focus in this way allows you to feel back in the drivers seat, using your time in ways that best serve you. Simple changes, the can truly change how you feel about yourself, and how much you create in your life.


There are many resources available to you if you would like more information on this topic. Here is one by Stephen Covey- 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People