Growing A Positive Mind

Growing a Positive Mind

Today there is a wealth of information available to us. We received tons of it each second. As you walk through a store, drive in your car, look through a magazine, change a radio station, no matter where you are news and information is flowing and available. Have you ever noticed how much of the information is positive, helpful, or nurturing? All day people are often receiving information much of which is judgements, negative news, crazy negative conversations on a social media site. With all of this around us all day how can you grow a positive mindset?

Jim Rohn has said we should stand guard at the door of our mind. It is important to consciously choose what you will allow in your mind. Some of the thoughts and ideas available to us can be like weeds and grow and impact our ability to perceive the abundance, joy, connections, fun, and beauty there is in the world. If we do not consciously choose what to focus on, we are giving those negative ideas carte blanche to grow wild.Positive Mind

Today we have so many options available to us, it is easy to proactively feed your mind. We have podcasts, books on tape, education networks, video channels such as youtube, and so many more choices where we are in control of what we see and hear all day. We can choose positively feeding our minds all throughout the day. On your morning commute you can listen to a book or inspirational speaker. At home you can choose your radio stations and tv stations and listen to information that makes you feel good. It is a choice that truly shapes who we are and how we think all day.


Imagine the difference in your mood all day. You may even be able to make your morning commute to work more enjoyable. You will find as time goes on that the moment you hear the negative news on the radio or television you immediately choose to change the channel. You may also find these choices having an impact on your close friends and family, your overall mood, and your perspective as things occur throughout your day.

The more you make consciously choosing what you listen to each day a habit, the easier it is to foster a positive mindset. Choices as small as these each day make a big difference as whole in the long run. It is good to feel good. Choose something that supports that every day.