5 Ways Meditation Can Help You


5 Ways Meditation Can Help You

5 Ways Meditation Can Help You

During the last few years many people reach out and ask me  about meditation. Meditation is a practice that once was perceived as being for those who are spiritual. Today more people are becoming aware of the benefits. Now that scientific studies have documented benefits in health, increased attention, decreased depression and anxiety and over all positive shift in emotional well being, it seems many people are exploring and loving meditation.

Today, even though scientific research is somewhat still new in the area of meditation, there is a bit of neuroscience research on the topic. “There is evidence that shows meditation, specifically mindfulness meditation might cause neuroplastic changes in the structure and the function of the brain in regions involved in regulation, attention and self-awareness.” Yi- Yuan Tang, Holzel and Posner.

Throughout the last decade studies have involved neuroimaging of the brain. Over 20 studies have been done by different people. Thus far the studies consistently support that at least eight brain regions are consistently altered in the images from people who meditate consistently. The areas are responsible for processing, abstract information, tactile information such as touch, pain and body awareness, memory, emotional responses, attention, and self-control. There are other areas that reap benefits as well, however the terms and information related to those areas are more biological and scientific. The focus here are the benefits in the areas many people often seek assistance with such as attention.

Today my clients share benefits they notice in their own lives that they personally believe is a direct result of beginning each day with meditation. There are many wonderful results I hear and see daily when I work with my clients. Five of the results many of my clients share consistently are listed below.

1- Improved Concentration
2- Increased Attention
3- Increased Academic Success, or Learning Rate
4- Improved Memory Functioning
5- Improved Mood and Self Image
Meditation is a practice you can do anywhere. Inside, outside, alone, with others. This year I have more and more children and families in meditation groups and classes. In the last five years I have many men and many children in meditation programs. Regardless of age, or need, or gender, or money, it is one technique that helps everyone who chooses it consistently.

This month we will explore different types of meditation including, silent meditation and guided meditation. If you would like to learn more about meditation feel free to look at our 21 Days of Meditation program  called Tapping In.

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    I always thought meditation was going to be hard. I can’t get my head quiet ever. I love this, and meditation has really helped.

    • Donna Martuge
      Donna Martuge says:


      Many people feel like meditation is going to be hard and boring. This year the rate of men in my meditation group clases has more than doubled. I love that you are willing to share this information and thank you for choosing to do so on this post.

      One thing that truly is appealing to most about meditation is you can do it anywhere, anytime. One fact most people do not know is there are also different types and ways to meditate. It may not be what people think is, and more than 90 percent of the time everyone comes back because they love the way they feel after they meditate.

      Thank you for writing.




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