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The Beliefs We Have Can Keep Us Stuck

Positive Negative Beliefs and how they Impact You. Beliefs are one of those parts of our lives that are part of our blueprint. I often think of them as a computer chip that somehow programs us in ways we often do not understand. When working with clients, Donna Martuge stated “I have found when you […]

Growing A Positive Mind

Growing a Positive Mind Today there is a wealth of information available to us. We received tons of it each second. As you walk through a store, drive in your car, look through a magazine, change a radio station, no matter where you are news and information is flowing and available. Have you ever noticed […]


STOP RUNNING OUT OF TIME- MAKING TIME FOR YOU   Have you noticed your reaction or the faction of those around you when you hear someone say “it takes 15 minutes a day”? Today a statement like that tends to make people roll their eyes, laugh, or feel anxious. Most people honestly feel there is […]


FEAR CAN BE A POWERFUL RESOURCE by Donna Martuge, Ed.D   Emotions are powerful motivators. They can be a source of strength, confidence, determination and perseverance. Emotions can also be the reason we give up, or worse yet, choose to not even try something we would like to accomplish. I have worked with people who have […]


There are times in our lives that lead us to becoming experts in areas we never intended to explore. In my life that area has been health. Growing up I was always fascinated by the mind and body connection. I read every book I could get my hands on that touched the topic of the […]

The Power of Deliberate Breathing

The Power of Deliberate Breathing Today many people around the world speak of stress being an expected part of daily life. We all are familiar with work stress, deadlines, financial stress, relationship stress and many other stressors in our daily lives. Biologically, our bodies are prepared for stress. We have heard of the state of […]

5 Ways Meditation Can Help You

  5 Ways Meditation Can Help You During the last few years many people reach out and ask me  about meditation. Meditation is a practice that once was perceived as being for those who are spiritual. Today more people are becoming aware of the benefits. Now that scientific studies have documented benefits in health, increased […]

Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits Habits are behaviors or thoughts that we do repeatedly without even thinking about it. The science behind the creation of habits is quite simple. Our brains are incredible. They can learn, process information, give us information. On a day a day to day basis however, our brain to some extent does not […]

Meditation for Children

Meditation for Children Everyone loves the idea of living a stress free life. When I refer to everyone, this includes children. Teaching children meditation is something that is becoming wide spread across the country. Children show improvement in concentration, confidence, problem solving and coping skills. Today children have a tremendous amount of information. The news […]