The Beliefs We Have Can Keep Us Stuck

Positive Negative Beliefs and how they Impact You.

Beliefs are one of those parts of our lives that are part of our blueprint. I often think of them as a computer chip that somehow programs us in ways we often do not understand. When working with clients, Donna Martuge stated “I have found when you can show someone their “positive negative beliefs’ they can quickly experience profound change. She shared this story from one of her Create Your Life three day classes.

What is important to you in your life?

For the purpose of confidentiality we will call this person Jenn. Jenn is a very successful woman who some may refer to her as masculine in personality. When Donna asked her what she believes is important to her in life she indicated “Joy”. Then Donna asked her “what has to be in her life for her to have Joy?”. Here is where you can see how the beliefs impact and control your life. Jenn said “good people, who reciprocate, family members who love me unconditionally and support me and are happy”. Jenn also indicated she would love a relationship that works that she can be happy in, however she has been unsuccessful in relationships.

The questions Donna asked and Jenn’s responses opened up a doorway to change for Jenn and everyone in the class. How many people in your life, in this world can actually say everyone in their friends and family will reciprocate and support you all the time the way you expect them to? Everyone in the class responded.

What Rules Do You Have Around This In Your Life?

What happened next was profound. Donna was able to show Jenn and the rest of the group of the group the very clear rules connected to Jenn’s beliefs that actually guarantee she will often feel disappointed, frustrated and angry. While watching you could see Jenn shaking her head in acknowledgement. Donna was able to make her laugh through a moment of change as she jokingly, yet accurately indicated that people in her life can be there as long as they do what she believes is reciprocation, support and unconditional love, the way she thinks is the “right way” to do it. Again Jenn laughed and said yes.

The Shift

Donna always says transformation happens in an instant. It can take ten years to get to that moment, however, when it does happen it happens in a moment. She is masterful at facilitating transformation. Listen to what happened next.

As the conversation went on, they talked about how this may impact her all of her relationships including intimate ones. As Donna guided the conversation Jenn asked, “so do I not expect things from others?”. Donna responded with “You raise your expectations of yourself and change your expectations of others to appreciation for them, and then your life will transform”. Jenn could feel the difference in that, her whole body softened. The whole class was able to see how those beliefs that are under many of our decisions often have unspoken, unconscious rules that get in the way of us getting what we really desire. The amazing part of the large classes is transformation happens for many people at once. You can see and sense everyone in the room shift along with Jenn.

If you find you are having difficulty changing your emotional state, your relationships, your body, or any other goal you may have, exploring your beliefs and the rules attached to them is a great way to create dynamic and lasting change.



The Beyond A Moment In Time Team

based on events from live classes with Donna Martuge