Successful coaching involves several components;

it needs to be fun in some way to keep you investing in you and choosing it

it needs to provide you the clear information you require

it needs to help you make progress

Essentially it should educate and empower as well as provide techniques and help you make progress.

After 20 years of working with people from all around the world Donna has created a Breakthrough Coaching program that does educate, empower, identify and address needs, identify what you truly want, and identify and offer  techniques to help you close the gap between where you are to where you want to be, and help you make progress all the way through the program.



Transformation Boot Camp- 

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Breakthrough Coaching

This 30 day program is designed for those who are truly ready to create a new momentum. If you are done repeating the same relationships, moey flows, business difficulties or any other area of frustration or If you have started a momentum and desire to ignite your movement forward; this is for you.

This program is designed differently than any other you may have seen. The members of this program will receive:

1- Exclusive membership to a prive Facebook group for those who are in the 30 Day Transformation Program- this group is active all day, every day with daily tasks and points of focus, “homework” assigmenet related conversations, and feedback from Donna all throughout the day.

2- Daily Communication with Donna- in the FB group, via email, videos, and

3- Eight group calls that are live, recorded and sent to you if you cannot be there live.

4- Donna’s 30 Day Transformation Manual

5- Four recorded mediations

Transformation Bootcamp- Breakthrough Coaching will help you sort out all areas of your life in just 4 weeks!

You will experience:
• How to gain absolute clarity on what it is you want

• You will identify what has been keeping you stuck

• You will gain tools to move you powerfully in the direction you say you want to go

• You will retrain your thoughts and create new habits that will help you continue the momentum long after the 30 day program

• You will learn techniques to assist you in truly understanding and using the law of attraction, successfully. You will know more clearly what you desire to create, and create strategies to help you close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be, and who you want be.

This program will help you ignite your life to a place where you feel more joy, ease, fun and confidence that not only will you not recereate your past, you will from this point forward, be a forward moving creator who knows how to create what you are looking for in your life.

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Here is what other people had to say about the program:

“I started the 30 day transformation program in January. I was tired of my life being the same. At 47 years old I tried everything and it was time to really do it this time. At the beginning, I admit I was a bit quiet. I watched the conversations in the FB group. On day two so many people were posting information that showed me not only am I not the only one my age in this spot, I definitely picked the right program. Donna had information available each day, workbook pages, videos, focus points, tools. It was amazing to me that it all was layed out in the order that just seemed perfectly in alignement with the changes I was seeing in myself. We all started in a different place. We all craeted different results. We all had results beyond what we expected. Evereyone of us was able to say we went farther than we thought we would in different areas. I finally am working at a job I like not just a job I need. I am having fun, and started dating. I can honestly say I am not the same person I was when I started, or maybe I am finally the person I always could be, Im me and happy. Who would have thought that was possible? I am feeled with gratitude.” Kelly Dunton- New York

“I really was both excited and hesitant. Hesitant because I tried so many “programs” and here I am in my fifties still ending up, broke, divorced, frustrated. I did the program and finally saw not only how I created that, I am confident I will not recreate it, two divorces and misery was enough. I am the source of my happiness now. Everything is so much different. I even like me. ” Steve Cohen- Australia

“I loved that Donna was always there. She really led the conversations, and helped me mold and shape what I was looking to create. I was doing ok when I began, but I was just the same, always, no movement in any direction. How cool is it to see how I limited me so I would never experience the ups or downs? I feel like I am living my life for the first time”. Joseph Martin- California

“The 30 Day program with Donna was so incredible, I think I have to do it again. I am happy, making more money, started another business. The significant increase in money is a direct result of the 30 days I worked with Donna and it directly correlates with the amout of fun I am now letting myself have. To say I am grateful is not enough. I know what is possible, and I want to go even further. I am coming back. Kathy Sinclair- England

“I tell everyone it is amazing that Donna could mimedtely see and know where I was getting in my own way. The tools she offered to help me change that worked and I love them. I will do the 30 days again, because I see how far it got me and I know I can have more fun, more ease, more of whatever I want to create.” Kim Martin- New York


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