The 21 Day Meditation Program


Meditation is a simple practice that brings profound results. This truth is known personally to Donna Martuge who today has become one of  the worlds influential leaders in the sprititual community.

How Meditation Changed Donna’s Life

Donna was first introduced to meditation when she was approximately 15 years old. At that time she was looking to hone her intuitive skills and one of her mentors suggested meditation to help provide her clarity and strengthen her relationship with her knowing, her intuition, her inner voice. Since then during some of the most difficult times in her life meditation along with many tools helped her get through and create wellness and success.

Donna says, “Meditation truly helped me relieve stress and find clarity in confusion. I am grateful for the life meditation has given me access to. I know my creativity, well-being, my own healing, everything I have created has come from meditation. It is a gift that is accesible to everyone.”

Donna has spent many years helping hundreds of people around the world transform their lives. She truly teaches from experience and from a knowing that empowring others with tools and information they can use on their own helps them create a life they enjoy living. Donna has guided many around the world to greater happiness and lasting fulfillment.

The Purpose of 21 Days

Meditation is one of the many tools Donna uses every day in her own life. If you are truly looking for connection, confidence, peace, a 21 day program is one that helps you literally lay new pipes per se in your wiring, biologically and mentally. If you are willing to lay a new foundation and create a new habit that feels good, choosing a specific behavior for 21 days helps to entrain it into your automatic behavior.

In the course of 21 days your self-talk, the tealk with your inner voice changes. YOu will notice a kinder more supportive inner voice. You will also begn to notice a difference in those you meet up with in your day. When your energy is calm and centered, you attract a very different relationship and response from others.